Saturday, June 26, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

14/06/10 - class

Top- Supre
Shorts- Primark
Bow Belt- unknown
Purple Spotty Tights- Alannah Hill

This was my outfit for tonight's dance class, I went with a little bit sailor, and worked quite well instead of the normal gym wear especially when keeping my back straight when high kicking in a chorus line. Next week theme is rockabilly.

(more bathroom mirror photos- not the best for outfit posts on the run)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

06/06/10 - Sewing

Remember this? Well I have finally got around to sewing them to my size today. This weekend is Foundation day long weekend (and i have put my sewing room in some sort of order) that I felt like doing some sewing.

I first took the side in by an inch decreasing as I went down the leg to get rid of the hip/saddle bag
My Janome sewing machine that was my Grandmas and that I learnt to sew on when I was at primary school and it still works brilliantly

I then slimmed down the leg into a straight leg by a centimeter every time until it fit properly

I had to take a lot off the sides to take it down from a size 12 to a size 8 (sorry about my very dirty bathroom mirror)

End result (not hemmed yet)
Shirt- vintage
Cardigan- my Alannah Hill purchase from yesterday (and its 100% cashmere)
Pants- me
Head scarf- op-shop
Belt- unknown
Shoes- Target

Saturday, June 5, 2010

05/06/10 - trains, trains, trains

Top- Valley girl
Cardigan- knitted by me from a 40's pattern
Jeans- Jay Jays
Bag- Target
Shoes- Big W
Brooch- a boutique just near my house, hand made by a local designer
Sunglasses- free

closeup of my brooch and cool pattern of the knitting

This afternoon my boyfriend and I went to see a model train show that was very interesting. I have always liked trains and my boyfriend was in a model train club in high school (geek! ha ha) so we went to check it out. There were so many models of all different makes and sizes but they had a fantastic Lego set up that was drawing the most peoples attention. On the way home I stopped in at Alannah Hill because they where having a sale (30-50% off) and bought some purple spotty tights and a new red cardigan for winter.

a photo of some of the Lego set up at the show

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

fun fitness

Last night I did my first bump and grind class with Miss Jane from Sugar Blue Burlesque and loved it so much (but my bum is still hurting from moving muscles that I haven't used in a long time). It was such a fun but I felt a little over dressed. I took the safe option of a t shirt and leggings but felt very overdressed, short and sweet was definitely the way to go.
I normally wear pants or a pencil/a-line skirt with a cool top when I do lindy classes but I think I will get a bit adventurous in what I will wear. Next times class is military themed so I will have to find something gorgeous to wear. Soldier or Sailor?

Miss Clara Cupcakes looking amazing and practical in her "work out gear" and has fantastic vintage advice at the Sugar Blue Burlesque blog