Friday, March 30, 2012

What's up?

Image from ikea hacker

My life a the moment:

Starting German classes next Monday, making new friends, getting to go museum hopping without having to pay admission ( thank you school), having a pub down stairs from where I will live

Moving from an apartment to a 8 bed hostel dorm, studying while living in a hostel, having a very sore throat and getting a cold, my power supply for my laptop dyed so I can't use my net book or upload any of my photos from my camera, getting cabin fever from spending too much time with my boyfriend in the apartment, not being able to go on holiday till May  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Holiday - Lübeck

t shirt - h&m, cardigan - h&m, hoodie - cotton on, jeans - dotti, high top sneakers - high st, bag - target, headband - rubi, sunglasses - i am

 having a bad hair day

 Last Saturday my boyfriend and I took a day trip to Lübeck, a small city about 40min by train north of Hamburg. The old town is on an island so all its sites are within a quick walking distance of each other. The main attractions are the 7 churches dotted around the city. It was a very warm day making sightseeing nice but I happened to get sunburnt from all the time outside. 

 photoing like a crazy tourist

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY? Bleached writing

Using the post from A Beautiful Mess to make one with an old jumper?

Monday, March 26, 2012


top - witchery, jumper - h&m, denim shorts - h&m DIY, fleecy tights - ambra, high top sneakers - high st, watch - big w

I have been drooling over denim cut off shorts for a while and I managed to make my own pare after a mistake in H&M. On Friday my boyfriend and I went clothes shopping in the city to find him some office clothes for his interview so while he was in the changing room I walked around the men's sales rack. As I was looking threw the rack I found a pair of jeans marked 28/32 for 10. My boyfriend needed a new pair and thinking that they where a 32inch waist I picked them up and because he was sick of having to try things on he just looked at the size and paid for it. When we got home the size was a 28inch waist so I fit them instead and made them into denim cut off shorts.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY t shirt to dress

Spring looks like it has arrived at last and to celebrate I felt that to go with the nice warm weather a nice spring dress to liven up my wardrobe. I decided to make my own. I bought a XL t shirt from h&m for 5 and cut the sleeves off.
I added a lace peter pan collar that I made. I sewed it just under the tshirt collar ribbing.
Because the bottom of the sleeve ends at my waist I then sew it up from just under my arm to the end to make it into an A line skirt.
The end result is a tunic dress. It needs to be belted to make a flattering waist. I think that for 5 it's a pretty good dress.

Currently March

dress - made by me, cardigan - country road, tights - ambra, ballet flats - h&m, belt - big w, brooch - gallery shop in sydney

freaky looking brooch

Loving:Not working and exploring my new city. After constantly working for 7 years without any real down time I am finding it very rewarding to just relax and take everything in. Having a student lifestyle is very nice for the first time in a long time (trying not to get addicted to it) and being able to plan holidays that will actually happen and not feel guilty about taking. I find it so fun that even when I walk around my own area that I always see something new, everyone takes it slower instead of rushing hear and there.

Thinking about: My family in Australia. I am very close to my family so I find it hard to be away from them. My Grandpop has just come out of hospital after having a stent put in and it is hard to try not to worry and knowing that your a whole day of flying away if something does happen. I know that they are happy for me being brave and moving overseas but it is still hard that I can't just drop round for tea anytime I want to see them.
Anticipating: A weekend away. I have only been to Frankfurt in Germany so far so a little holiday before starting my course next month will be very fun. I am also looking forward to a trip in May for my birthday somewhere nice. Slovakia or Hungary would be very fun.

Listening to: German kids cartoons to learn more german. I find that they speak slow enough for me to understand what they are talking about. I am also listening to The Minutes podcasts by Patience Hodgson from The Grates and Comedian Mel Buttle. It is the ramblings of two very funny ladies who sound just like my friends when we all get together. It jumps from one topic to the next and will have you in stitches with there antics.

Eating: Belgium chocolate with whole hazel nuts in as an afternoon treat. Such a good snack as a reward for keeping on task in the morning. I am also loving all the good rye bread from the local bakery. Unlike Australia where everyone is all low carb food hear in Germany they love their bread and it is so flavorsome that you only need a very thin slice with cheese to fill you up.

Wishing: That everything will work out for the best for everyone.

Thank you Sometimes Sweet for the post idea. Please read her post and feel free to make one of your own.

I feel pretty

top - paper and cloth, cardigan - h&m, jeans - h&m, belt - forever new, brooch - hair clip from alannah hill, shoes - rubi

Yesterday I went to the city to go jacket shopping in the sales. I have a big pink duffle coat that I wear at night when it is cold but during the day I don't relay want to have to wear my hoodie over my tops because it makes everything look super casual and it is not that flattering on my body (I'm 5'2 but have a short body and long legs so anything that ends under my hip bone makes me look very dumpy) and as the weather gets warmer I need a jacket to protect me from the wind but will be too hot in a big wool coat. I didn't want to spend over 20 for one so I had to hunt around. The styles I could find mostly where parkas, motorcycle jackets or blazers but all where not cropped enough in length for me or where double breasted with only side detailing making my chest look very lopsided. I went into Zara to look at there sale rack and saw a jacket I had had my eye on had finally reduced to a good price (it was originally €70 then down to €30 and I managed to get it for €15) and that was a style that I liked. The jacket is a navy "chanel like" course tweed with a deep V neck and no turn up collar or buttons. I am going to have to add a popper or two to keep it closed but it is so nice and just warm enough. I also went to h&m to get a XL size men's t shirt to turn into a dress (DIY tutorial to come soon) and to get a small pouch wallet for my small cross body going out bag.

A closeup of my hair clip that I added a brooch back to and how I have been pinning my hair back because I am still not liking my haircut.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY up-cycled skirt

top - dotti, hoodie - cotton on, scarf - target, skirt - up-cycled by me, beret - knitted by me, bag - target, fleecy tights - ambra, high top sneakers - local high st
outfit for the outdoors
Indoors outfit
This is what I wore today to do my grocery shopping. A lot warmer than just a cardigan like yesterday. I am thinking that I might need to buy a lighter weight coat seeing that it is warming up a little outside.
On Sunday I was feeling quite bored and got a little destructive with my witchery wool skirt (see original in this post) that I liked but it was a little hard to find things to go with it seeing that it looked so casual. I decided to cut off its elastic waist band and then cut down the front in the middle. To make it a wrap skirt front, kind of kilt like, I added a popper at the inside band and a brooch backing at the other side making it easy to change its position on the front of the skirt. I have no sewing machine so I had to find the easiest way to close it. I think the wrap makes it look a little more polished than it did. If you want to know how to make one easily Geneva at a pair & a spare has an easy to follow DIY tutorial for making one.
brooch back and popper
asymmetrical pinning of brooch


top - country road, cardigan - h&m, scarf - target, jeans - dotti, high top - high st, cross body bag - target, sunglasses - witchery

Yesterday after I finished making my HAUL video my boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of the good weather and go out for lunch in Sternshanze (very cool hipster area) and see the Fernsehturm near the convention center. It was nice and sunny so I didn't think to take my coat out with me, big mistake, the moment the sun went behind the clouds and the wind started blowing it was freezing and by then we where 20min walk from home and 10min walk to the closest U bahn station so I just had to suck it up and walk the way home. By the time we got home my nose felt like it was frozen.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunshine and Wine

top - witchery, cardigan - country road, skirt - cotton on, fleece tights - ambra, high top sneakers - high street, watch - big w, cat brooch - cotton on

Yesterday was a crazy day. After running errands in the morning I met my boyfriend and some of his class mates at the Hofbräuhaus in the city for a late lunch. I arrived at about 3 (they had already been there since 1pm) there was already wine on the table. After we moved in side because it was starting to get cold in the beer garden we then carried on with the wine. At 7pm we managed to rope in 2 german men who where having after work drinks onto our table who then insisted in buying everyone shots (4 rounds of them, I didn't have any of them because it was a nasty cherry flavored drink that tasted like cough syrup, plus I make it a BIG point to not take any shots from men who I have just met who seem a little TOO happy to give women large quantity of spirits in 10 minutes). At 10pm when we left for the Reeperbahn everyone was starting to feel very happy (very VERY drunk)and then made it to a few clubs before heading home at 2am. This morning was not so bad after I only had a few glasses of wine but everyone else who had been drinking for 12hrs was bad. A tale of woe to everyone.

sunglasses - witchery
sitting outside in the beer garden in 16C sunshine with no jacket. I did not think I would get use to the weather that fast.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grey Day

tshirt - h&m mens section, jeans/jeggings? - h&m kids section, hightop sneakers - 5 from a shop on my local highstreet

After spending the last 2 days rushing around getting a new mobile, travel pass and spending 3 nights in a row out late (i got home at 12am last night again) so after it being all hectic I liked having a very slow day today at home getting on with things I have been putting off doing. I have had another shopping trip to pick up some stuff I needed (I may do a haul video to show you what I bought).
I have started to wear jeans because I still haven't got use to the cold yet. In Perth I tried not to wear jeans and trousers when I wasn't at work so I got use to wearing skirts and dresses with tights but in Hamburg it is still very cold and not many women wear skirts or dresses. After being out for the past few day I noticed that the uniform of choice is jacket, jeans, boots or sneakers (they love there converse all stars) but also trying to find skirts in the shops is very difficult I have found that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
I bought myself another pair of shoes because I have had to get rid of a pair of my boots because they caused me so much pain with blisters, my other shoes I am going to wear the hidden wedge out if I don't give them a brake and my plimsolls are not waterproof so they get wet and smelly easily. So when I was passing by a cheap shoe shop yesterday and saw the €5 sale sign I had to take a look and these fo-leather high top sneakers caught my attention that I had to snap them up. I have had them on all day today after doing my food shopping and they are very comfy. A good investment of money.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


top - dotti, cardigan - country road, riding pants - witchery, socks - kmart, shoes - rubi, watch - big w, cat brooch - a boutique in mt lawley

Yesterday I took the plunge and had my hair cut short (and re- bleached). I was so sick of my long hair but I am still not convinced yet if I like it. I think that it isn't short enough at the back and sides but the hairdresser didn't speak much english and was a little hesitant to cut it relay short. I will leave it for a few weeks to settle and if I sill don't like it I will get it more of a pixie cut like this.
my new haircut

close-up of my stalking cat brooch, so cool

my hidden wedge sneakers. I'm in love with them. so comfy to walk in and make you taller and your legs look better. wish that I had another pair like the h&m white ones or if i didn't need to eat for 3 months these or these.