Sunday, January 31, 2010

31/01/10 - vintage shopping

Today I went to the retro market at the Burlesque Lounge in Northbridge run by Sugar Blue Burlesque and came across these fantastic bargains. I found 50's ceramic ducks for my wall which I have been on the look out for, for years (I have 3 tattooed on my back).

$20 for both of them, Bargain

$15 nice Victoriana style and cute pin tuck detailing

Saturday, January 30, 2010

30/01/10 - Perth Zoo

Dress- $10 on sale at Target 08
Plimsolls- Keds
Bobby socks- from chemist
Sunglasses- free

Today my boyfriend and I went to Perth Zoo for the first time in 8 years (even though for over 2 years I have lived only a 10 min drive from it) something that I have been meaning to do for ages but have never got around to it.It was 31C so a lot of the animals where asleep due to the heat but I got to see the penguins and the otters that are my favorite animals there.

Friday, January 29, 2010

29/01/10 - Curry Dinner

(a bit blurry but the colours are better than the flash)

Top- Supre 07
Skirt- Veronika Maine found in an op shop
Belt- op shop
Shoes- Bamboo from City Surf on sale for $20
I love these shoes. A cross between a hiking shoe and a 40's wedge

I have just come back from having a grate Indian curry dinner in Vic Park at my boyfriends favorite Indian restaurant. My hair is quite flat because I rode on the back of his Vespa to dinner which I love to do and for the first time in a skirt not shorts or pants was a new experience.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Photo booth

My New Love - Lena Hoschek

I just saw Dotti's Dots post about Lena Hoschek fashion show at Berlin Fashionweek Autumn/Winter 2010 and I am in love. Everything in the show I want and will start sewing and up styling my existing wardrobe for this autumn.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Men With Style

26/01/10 - Australia Day

Dress- up styled from a bad 80's dress and skirt
Belt- Op-shop
Shoes- Wittner
Hair clips- Allanah Hill
Hat- Vintage from HatVantage on etsy

Yesterday was Australia Day so I didn't have to work. I spent the afternoon watching Back to the Future 3 with my boyfriend and swimming in his pool at his place before going to a BBQ with some friends where we played cricket with their next door neighbors and ate delicious home made sausages with exotic salads.

Monday, January 25, 2010

24/01/10 - First outfit post

T shirt- Roxy
Shorts- Primark in 08
Belt- Roxy
Ballet flats- Big W
Headband- Unknown
Sun glasses- Free with Marie Claire magazine

Yesterday I went to see the new movie Nine with my mum seeing that my other half would have slit his own wrists to not see it and I have to say I liked it. My favorite heroine in it was Marion Cotillard as Luisa Contini. I loved her portrayal of Guido Contini's long suffering wife especially her angry striptease to the song "take it all".

(sorry about the bad outfit shots I'm still trying to find a good place to take better photos in my house)