Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Favorite Bloggers

Diary of a Vintage Girl
I love Fleur de Guerre and her modeling work. She is always elegant in early 40's style. I admire anyone who can be that dedicated to a style as she is. I have no idea how she can look glamorous while swing dancing, something that I can never do.

Vixen Vintage
Solanah is a vintage devotee and a hat eccentric. As a collector of vintage hats myself it is always hard to stand out in a crowd in one without looking like your wearing a fancy dress outfit but she always has a finess. She also loves the real wearing of vintage clothing as the everyday woman would have worn it when they where made instead of the more common pin-up style (not that I don't like pin-up style or do pin-up style sometimes when the mood takes me). And above all what woman wouldn't want to work in a vintage store.

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