Monday, January 25, 2010

24/01/10 - First outfit post

T shirt- Roxy
Shorts- Primark in 08
Belt- Roxy
Ballet flats- Big W
Headband- Unknown
Sun glasses- Free with Marie Claire magazine

Yesterday I went to see the new movie Nine with my mum seeing that my other half would have slit his own wrists to not see it and I have to say I liked it. My favorite heroine in it was Marion Cotillard as Luisa Contini. I loved her portrayal of Guido Contini's long suffering wife especially her angry striptease to the song "take it all".

(sorry about the bad outfit shots I'm still trying to find a good place to take better photos in my house)


  1. first time I stopped by your blog and I'm liking it--I've already become a follower!
    Cute outfit of course, can't wait to see more!

    Oh, and I totally want to see Nine! I can't beleive I haven't checked it out yet.

  2. I can't believe those glasses were free! Amazing!