Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lindy makeup

two of my friends and I at the Hullabaloo ball a few years ago

There is a big difference I have found between the vintage makeup you wear for a normal day and that you wear when dancing. If you consider what would stay on while running on a treadmill with all the sweat running down but still looking perfect you can start to understand what its up against. I am not saying that all lindy hopper follows like to be vintage styled but they still want there makeup to look good. 

1. Base - it ether needs to be very light or very thick.

I am not a fan of foundation in my normal makeup routine but do like to wear it when dancing. I have never re-purchased a foundation so I have had lots of experiences trying to find ones that work for dancing. Unlike foundation for normal activity you may be dancing anywhere from 3-4hrs at a weekly social dance to 10-12hrs at an exchange and unlike a normal workout you will stop/start dancing constantly making you sweat then dry off time after time. Foundation was not made for this type of thing but I have found that this is the best for dancing.  
For a thick foundation I have found a matte liquid foundation or a stick foundation (can be a little hard to find , it has gone out of fashion a bit) works best. The cream manages to stick to the skin so well that when it re-settles after sweating it doesn't migrate too far. For a light foundation a tinted moisturiser that is not too shiny works well but it does come off more easily. If you have good looking skin to beguine with but just want to even it out a bit this is a good solution. One thing not to use is powder or any foundation that leaves a powder residue on the skin. When you sweat the powder clumps and settles into any lines or depressions on your skin so it looks patchy.
2. Mascara - waterproof
I have had a few times when I've gone to the bathroom during a dance night to see black marks from mascara under my eyes from all the sweat. Sweat causes mascara to run so waterproof is the only way to go. Its still going to run a little but that's better than a waterfall of mascara running down your cheeks. I use to get my eyelashes permed and tinted so I could get away with using clear mascara over the top. A good trick is to also put a clear coat on first then the normal waterproof to stop fall out. If you are going to also use eyeliner a gel stays better and has less smudging and smearing when sweaty than a liquid liner or pencil.

3. Lipstick - budge proof

For lindy lead most at one point or another has had a follow face plant into there chest while dancing and leaving them with a big lipstick mark on there clean shirt/t shirt making them a little weary of the red lips. One of my friends swears by covergirl outlast lipcolour to keep her lipstick stay on and not rub off and I have also found that a lip stain works well if its a non-matte affect I'm going for. A more detailed post hear.  

After a few dances - glistening with sweat after a few dances with my makeup still looking good
(makeup used: tinted moisturiser, cream blush, waterproof mascara, clear eyebrow gel and lip-stain)   


  1. Sometimes you party so hard, that proper make-up doesn't help... ;) But I was surprised to see Jo Hoffberg dancing without any make-up at all! And she was still gorgeous.

    1. yeh, she looks so beautiful. No makeup is the best for dancing and your skin. biggest problem is getting it off, I had green eyebrows for one of the Friday night Herrang parties and it took so much scrubbing to get the stuff off after.