Friday, April 2, 2010

02/04/10 - hair trials

Top- Vally Girl up-styles by me
Skirt- Op-shop
Belt- unknown
Brooch- 1940's vintage (an 18th birthday present from my grandparents)
Shoes- Rivers
Hair flower clips- made by me
Seamed fishnet tights- Love Kiley (now defunct hosiery range)

I pin curled this side loosely with flat pin curls and the back in raised pin curls. It came out too big and booffy but I brushed it out and hid the result with flowered hair clips

I did finger waves on this side that didn't go so well but it does give a good balance to the other side
seamed fishnets, I wish I could get some more pairs


  1. no, I had to change the sleeves and add some embellishments on the front