Saturday, April 3, 2010

Things to make

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Cute Dresses
I have lots of dresses for the hotter months of the year but as it is getting colder I want to make some winter dresses for that are simple for the day out of heavier fabric to go with a nice cardigan and fancier for the night time in a flowing fabric to wear over a slip for inside all the heated nightspots

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I have never made a suit and covet so many on etsy that I can't afford but I always wanted a smart suit to wear around town with a cute print crisp shirt underneath

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I only own 1 pair of trousers and 3 pairs of jeans (I had a mad throw out of all my corporate wear including pants when I left pathology and from subsequent moves) but although I try to wear skirts and dresses when I'm not at work (because of the bad uniform) sometimes I really want to slip into a pair of tailored tweed trousers or cool sailor pants to chill in

all patterns can be bought on etsy

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