Wednesday, May 19, 2010

19/05/10 - Birthday Girl

Dress- 40's handmade from etsy
Cardigan- Alannah Hill
Belt- Roxy
Hat- 40's vintage that I bought at the retro market last Sunday
Wedges- Target
Bag- vintage from op-shop
Brooch- vintage (18th birthday present from my grandparents)
Seamed Stockings- What Katie Did
Sunglasses- free

Yesterday was my 24th birthday so I took the today off from work and to celebrate my boyfriend and I went and had high tea at The Duxton Hotel in Perth. It was very special because there was only us in the restaurant area but they had the most fantastic food for us to eat and by the end of it we where fully stuffed with food. On the walk back to the car we stopped in for a drink at a very small bar whisky bar (very hidden bar) called Helvetica before going home. We dressed up for the occasion and got some very funny looks from the office workers on there way home (I think some of them thought that we where a little odd or that we where guest going to a wedding) but I just had to take my new hat out for a spin.

my boyfriend and the spread at high tea

having a nice drink (you can see the rose print on the dress better hear)


  1. stunning outfit, and seamed stockings from What Katie Did ! Very posh indeed.

  2. Happy birthday! You look gorgeous.
    -Andi x