Saturday, May 1, 2010

01/05/10 - visiting

Top- Dotti
Skirt- op-shop
Cardigan- knitted by me
Leather Belt- unknown
Bag- Target
Shoes- unknown (they look like creepers without a high sole)
Hair Flowers- Spotlight

This afternoon my Boyfriend and I went to spend the afternoon with his Grandma to watch the AFL game on TV with her (I know nothing about the game and just make vague comments about it so to look interested but I do like going to see his Grandma and talk about all kinds of cool things from when she was back in England during the 40's). I took my newly knitted cardigan ,that I blogged about starting a while ago, out for a spin seeing that Perth is getting cooler during the day. I used one of my trusty 40's vintage pattens to knit it and added a peter pan collar to make it different (the collar isn't tacked down completely yet) adding button accents because I used press studs to hold it together. After we left my Boyfriend's Grandmas house we went shopping and I bought more wool to start on a new knitting project that I haven't decided what pattern to use yet.

you can see the fair isle border clearly in this photo

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