Saturday, July 3, 2010

03/07/10 - day out

Top- Supre
Cardigan- Alannah Hill
Knitted skirt- op-shop
Bag- vintage
Scarf- op-shop
Brooch- pigeon hole
Shoes- Big W
Tights- from supermarket
Sunglasses- free

Yesterday my brother and I took our Mum out for lunch for her birthday. I was luckily in Mt Lawley on the right day because there was a vintage clothing market at the Flying Scotsman. It was packed full of vintage clothing and even more people. I bought a wool checked circle skirt for $15 (that needs to be taken up), a nice 50's day dress decorated with blue roses for $20 and 2 cotton 50's sundresses each $20, one with gray flowers and pink flowers and the other a madras check in pink and brown. My mum got some fabric to make a dress and trousers with and a nice 60's styled cocktail dress and my brother got a Motorhead record.

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