Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Currently April - only a little late

(1st outfit post in new flat, need to find a new place that gets light to do posts)
cardigan , ballet flats and jeggings - h&m, tshirt - pohoda festival promo item from there shop, headband - diy from old tshirt
(close up of print)

Loving: Being able to have weekends away that don't cost a small fortune. My weekend in Prague only cost 200Euros for travel, accommodation and spending money. If I was still in Perth it would easily cost over $500 just for travel if going over east or the same if going to Margaret river.

Thinking about: My birthday next weekend. It will be strange not having my family around for it but I am going to have a friend visiting from Perth that weekend so we will be partners in crime. We will be going out and having a grate time.

Anticipating: Going on a nice long holiday in July. I have already got my plane ticket for Vienna and have received my festival tickets for Pohoda Festival in Slovakia. I am thinking of maybe heading to Budapest as well but may be tempted to go to Herrang dance camp for a week (it is in Sweden so it will cost a lot).

Listening to/Watching: More The Minutes podcasts and there advice podcast You're Welcome, it totally cracks me up all the time. I am so obsessed with the TV show Hart of Dixie and so sad to know that next week is the last episode but exited to know what happens. I am also loving watching the German dubbed Disney's Phineas and Ferb because it is so silly cartoon but really easy to follow in German.

Eating: Healthy. All this heavy German food (bratwurst) and sugary pastries (you can't walk for more than 5min before getting to a bakery) have started to make me feel very ill. I also managed to pick up a tummy bug in Prague that is still not making me feel well so I am trying to flush it out of my system. Also the weather has been fluctuating between warm and raining that I am not wanting such stodgy food to keep warm.

Missing: Sausage rolls from the bakery (beef costs a fortune that everything is made of pork, even lamb is very hard to find), seeing the sun for more than 10min a day, my family and not having to go to 3 supermarkets to get all my grocery shopping in one outing.

Wishing: That my money will stretch a little further than I think it will.

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