Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hamburg Girls

(image from Hamburg Facebook page)

A few weeks ago a survey came out saying that the women of Hamburg are the most beautiful in Germany and I agree with that. They are so naturally beautiful I often find myself staring at them in the street. I find that there clothes are in style but so flattering to them, they do not seam to dye there hair at all (or is very natural highlighted, the hair dye section in the shops are tiny), they have amazing skin and healthy hair and there makeup is so minimal you often end up staring to try and see if they have foundation or if that is there skin.
I have never been a girl for lots of makeup and I don't use thick foundation on my skin only tinted moisturizer once in a blue moon because my skin is so sensitive to pigments (even with tinted moisturizer at the end of a night out I can already see white heads appearing) so I feel very at home hear makeup wise instead of Australia where even in hot summer women will go out pasted in makeup. If I could look half as good as some of the women hear I would be so happy.
A few YouTube tutorials that I have been watching to get the look 

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