Saturday, June 16, 2012

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Me and my friend Elly who came to Hamburg for my birthday last month.

Hating: This is a new tag that I have added to this post because it has been a big reason of why I have not been blogging at all.
1st is that after 2 weeks of reasonably warm weather (25-28C) it has started to just rain every day and gone grey so that you have to take a coat/scarf/umbrella/socks with shoes just to go out to get a coffee. I have been staying inside and getting a little cabin fever from it.
2nd is that our hot water system has completely craped its self so now if I want any heat for a shower I have to go to the swimming pool and pay 6Euros to have a communal shower and bath, we are meant to have a new one installed but with going away in 2 weeks I am not holding my breath.
3rd is that my skin has gone crazy with dry patches with pimples as well and dandruff. I started seeing the dandruff about 2 months ago and taught that it could be from bleaching my hair so I dyed it a red but that made it stand out even more and the red washed out in a week so I bleached it back to a light copper colour and made a colour depositing conditioner with a copper semi-permanent colour and started with a anti dandruff shampoo. My skin is crazy, I have had to stop using all face products and just ride it out until it starts to behave its self again, so I am trying not to irritate it at all. The funny thing is that a friend of mine from Australia who also lives in Hamburg has found that the same thing has happened to her skin and hair so it may be the water that is too harsh on the skin.
4th is that after being a little laxed with my diet my food allergies have come back. I have had to stop eating wheat with yeast products at home and limit them when I am out. I am stopping eating pastries and any fat rich products including cheese and processed meat. I was going fine until we went to Munich for 4 days and by the 3rd morning I felt so bloated and had surges of nausea from eating Bayern food that I only ate fish and salad for a whole week until I felt back to normal.  

Anticipating: My holiday that has now become going to Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Sweden and Denmark. I am well aware of  how much money it will cost but am in a serious need of some alone time to do things that I want to do and see friends from Australia so that I can be silly without caring what people think of me. I have also started to get more into my craft stuff so I am looking forward to see where that takes me.

Listening to/Watching/Reading: I have been obsessed with the tv show Criminal Minds and have been going threw all the 7 series in the past few weeks. It is a very dark tv show compared to the other cop dramas that I normally watch but I love the cast and just get so sucked into the story line. My favorite character is Dr Spencer Reed (played by Matthew Gray Gulber) because he is geeky smart but still an FBI agent with a gun. He has a cool geek chic thing going on with the converse sneakers, ray ban glasses, long messy hair and  vintage tweed slacks with cardigans or vests but with the shorter cut in season 6 and 7 he has a serious hottie thing going on. I have been listening to In our time podcasts from the BBC that is a panel of experts that discuss historical events with each having a different opinion and interpretation of the event. I find them very good to lisen too when on the train or to help me fall a sleep at night. I have also just finished the book A Rage in Harlem by Chester Himes that was written as a pulp fiction novel in the 50's. It was a very good read but I relay didn't like the main character so it made getting to the end hard but because I like pulp fiction crime novels I will probably read some of his other books.

Missing: The sun and being warm but hopefully that will correct its self when I am away and I will come back to some real summer weather. I am also starting to miss working and am hoping that when I get back in August I can start some serious job searching and get back into a lab.

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