Thursday, July 12, 2012

Currently July

Packed and on my way to more traveling after Pohoda festival

Loving: HOLIDAYS. I am finally on my holiday from Germany and loving the over 30C heat every day. I have already spent my 3 days in Vienna and 9 days in Slovakia and am now in Budapest chilling out. I am such a hostel people kind of girl finding new friends every day and having new experiences almost hourly. Finding a little bar in 2nd District in Vienna filled with only locals listening to Brazilian music and talking german all night until being kicked out by the bar owner at 3am. Sitting on deckchairs at a beach bar in Bratislava drinking cheap Mojitos in the afternoon sun overlooking the Danube. Taking a train into the Tatras mountains seeing amazing scenery. Going on a pub crawl with 6 17-18yo guys from my dorm room and dancing like a crazy in a Budapest nightclub to dubstep and feeling like I had 6 brothers.
Anticipating: Going to Herrang for 7 days of crazy Lindy hop heaven. After 2 attempts of dancing in Hamburg I am ready for some serious dancing. I have already started to make my costume for the Friday night party (pirates and parrots), I'm going as a parrot and have been cutting feathers out of a dress (that doesn't relay explain it well) and will have to find a way to make some wings that are still practical enough to dance with. I am also so happy to see my friends there after being away from Australia for 4 months. I am also looking forward to spending some time in Stockholm and Copenhagen but not the amount of money it will cost.

Hating: Having to lug my bags around all the time every few days. Living out of a very small trolley duffle bag that mostly contains dance shoes and a sleeping bag. I am already finding that some of my things will have to be throw out as soon as i get to Copenhagen.

Listening to/Watching/Reading: I have been on a very limited amount of reading and watching time. I have found that I like to just listen to podcasts on long train journeys and look at the amazing scenery that is outside or talk to other travelers and make new friends. One movie that I have watched is The Decoy Bride about a celebrity wedding held on the tiny Scottish island of Hegg where the bride runs away from the press and they get a local girl to stand in so that the press doesn't know that  the bride is missing but unfortunately the decoy signs the registry with her own name and hilarity inures. I also picked up a si-fi book at my 1st hostel to read but was so boring that I have now swapped it for The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. I have seen the movie and listened to the radio play but have never read the book so now I have the perfect chance.

Eating: Everything. I have tried so much local food that now I am back to salads. So much roast meat with cream and oil and pastries with sugar, sugar, sugar. I have to say my favorite has been in Slovakia having  Bryndzové pirohy ( kind of like ravioli with cheese filling) and Bryndzové halušky ( mini potato dumplings with sheep cheese sauce) but so unhealthy. I hopefully will get to eat some nice Scandinavian food soon too. One good thing is that I can eat pickled gherkins with everything without my boyfriend making the yuck face at me.  

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