Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today when I got home from work I found a lovely surprise! My first blogger award!
This was from Melanie from Pink Champagne For Dancing, Thank you so much.

So these are 5 facts about myself:

1. I have pattern dyslexia (this explains to all my little grammatical spelling errors that slip through my spell check) which I was diagnosed when I was 8. I have learned to live with it and read for at least an hour a day to keep up my reading age. If any of you don't know what dyslexia is you can read about it hear

2. I only just got my drivers license last December and am now on my P plates for 2 years....... YAY! more restrictions

3. I love Australian Vogue and buy it every month even though I will never be able to buy any of the stuff I like in it (except if i nab a millionaire or win the lotto)

4. I have been dancing since I was 2. I started off in ballroom and then moved into ethnic dancing, then to contemporary interpretive and have now been dancing lindy hop for 5 years now

5. I love the ocean but am a crap swimmer so will never go in pass my hips unless it is completely flat with no waves and I have a panic attack if it is too deep or rough (I have nearly choked my boyfriend because he tried to pull me under a wave and he ended up with scratches that lasted for a week)

I now award this too:
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  1. Hi! Sorry it has taken me so long to come over here and say thank you it has been a crazy week, and I'm snatching breathing space where I can. :)

    Thanks so much for thinking of me with this award - it's very kind of you! Love your blog, too, and glad to have the opportunity to discover it.

    A xx