Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vintage Hairstyles

Hullabaloo (the Perth lindy exchange) is being held over the ANZAC long weekend and has caused a problem for me, this is the first year that I have had short hair, so how can I do an authentic 30/40/50's style? I naturally have very straight hair and has always wanted it to be curled. I started curling my hair with hot rollers when I was 11, then went on to soft and hard rollers and now I have been pin curling my hair for 5 years. These are how I normally do my hair:

This 50's style is done by a pin curl wet set for just under 24hrs (yes my hair is very, very stubborn to stay curled) then brushed out and defined with gel to keep the top smooth and to keep the wave at the front smooth

This is done with soft rollers set with salt spray on dirty hair for dancing. For swing dancing hair styles it is easy to keep it simple so that you don't get upset when your lead sweeps his hand over your head when turning you and knocks your do off. And the golden rule, If it looks unbalanced or not quite right pin a flower to hide it

Hats are the easiest way to get a good vintage look because all you have to do is tie your hair into a pony tail or bun and plop a hat on only needing to be concern with how the front looks. To fake long hair at the back I have used a snood but have found them too heavy to dance in, I much prefer a light hairnet pined nicely in place with pretty clips

This is a pin curl re-set with a simple large pin curl at each side with a flower in each. When dancing at an exchange it is hard to do classes during the day and have a perfect authentic looking hair style at night so it is easier to set your hair on one day and re-do it the next day by keeping it under a scarf in class

This was done professionally using hot rollers and lots of hairspray to set it. If I do victory rolls myself I ether use a rat or wet the hair with hairspray and pin it up to dry so it sets hard. This is the one thing I miss about not having long hair.

This long weekend I will try some styles (including finger waves that I have never been able to master). Wish me luck

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