Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wish list

New reading glassesI have had my script updated and had to fork out for new safety glasses for work but relay wish I could get some new all plastic frames to use at home (my glasses at home are cats eye metal/plastic frames but are a little to loose at the sides and I always like to get new frames when I get a new script done)
Image from calivintage

Hats, Hats and More Hats
It is autumn in Perth and it is getting less warm and not a lot of rain (not including the act of nature yesterday) which is perfect hat weather to walk around town in

Image from hannah and landonImage from stylesightings

Guerilla knittingI want to bring thread to the masses of Perth

Image from Londonist

Children's illustrated books tattoos
Image from meet me at mikes
The tattoos I already have are in the Sailor Jerry style and a Vaga girl pinup but if I was going to get new one I think it would have to be the hungry caterpillar on my ankle or Max from where the wild things are

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  1. guerilla knitting is alive and well in perth... keep your eyes peeled ;)