Saturday, April 28, 2012


Outfits: (1 day pack taken and still had extra space for my school books)
 Saturday (day): top - dotti, grey leggings - h&m, socks - kmart, boots - rubi, scarf - target, bag - ?, jacket h&m, sunglasses - i am (night): rabbit print dress and cardigan - h&m, tank top - amy, chain - ?
Sunday: tshirt, cardigan, jacket and scarf - h&m, jeans - dotti, shoes and sunglasses - amy, bag - ?

Friday: after German class we caught the train to Berlin, had a nice walk around near our hostel (managed to get a private room for the weekend because they double booked our dorm room for the same price), went to see the Berlin Fernsehturm and my boyfriend bought a chocolate covered chilly from the Easter market

Saturday: went to see the Sony center, went on the New Europe Berlin tour, saw all the major sites (the holocaust memorial was amazing; simple yet so powerful), did some clothes shopping (only bought 2 singlet tops, a pair of sneakers and a new pair of sunglasses), went on a pub crawl with a lot of American collage students and ended up at Matrix club dancing like a crazy person  
Sunday: went to Museum island, went to the Pergamon museum to see the Ishtar gate, went to the German History Museum (only 6Euros and has so much stuff that I will have to go back again when I next go back, if you are going to Berlin see this museum), did my German homework in the hostel bar before heading back to Hamburg on the train. A very busy weekend but so rewarding and will be going again and again.

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