Saturday, April 28, 2012


jumper, jeggings, ballet flats - h&m, singlet top - dotti, sunglasses - wayfarers bought while in Berlin

I'm back after a very busy April. An update on Hamburg is that we found a new apartment the day after our other lease ran out meaning that we had to spend only one night at the hostel (thank god) and I have spent the past month doing my A1 intensive German course and frying my brain with its grammar and pronunciation. I did go to Berlin a few weeks ago for a weekend away (post still to come) to relax and being  only 2hrs away by train I am definitely going to plan some more time there. I only just got a new power cord for my net book so I can start blogging again (dam you hp for not conforming to a universal power plug size, that's 30Euro's of power pack that needs to be returned) and uploading outfit photos a little more interesting than jeans, top and cardigan that I was wearing for going to class in (8am out the door and 10C limits your choice for clothing options).

My little herb garden on the kitchen windowsill ( putting sring onions/scallions in water works to re-grow the tops back and stops them from stinking out the whole kitchen)

Today it is finally looking like spring (east Germany is 27-30C) with Hamburg being 16C outside and SUNNY after weeks of rain. I have been lusting after summer clothes and hope that the heat will come in May so that I can finally wear shorts and spring dresses without tights (I bought a playsuit from H&M trying to will the weather to change so that I can wear it) and going to get myself an early birthday present of some sandals next week that have finally come into store. I am also very happy to be planning a summer holiday in July to go to the Pohoda Festival in Slovakia (tickets have been purchaser and flights booked) so I am madly looking at camping gear to take (my 1st outdoor camping music festival) and eyeing up my bikini for the July weather.
My boyfriend enjoying the sunshine sitting on the windowsill in our new apartment in Hamburg.
P.S. going to Rostock on Monday for the day so will have photos from that and then to Copenhagen for the next weekend. So many trips.

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