Sunday, October 7, 2012


Puffed wheat chocolate squares with almonds 
 I had a problem making them because my pan separated into 2 layers with molten chocolate on top and toffee on the bottom so the bars where more like hard fudge with peaces of toffee running through them 

Rice cracker sandwich with tomato, cheddar cheese, salad greens and yogurt mayonnaise (tastes a little like salad cream, very tart)    

Sweet potato, carrot, celeriac, mushroom, tomato stew with a feta cheese top
I got the idea from this recipe, a crispy top with juicy stewed veggies (another dinner my boyfriend had seconds of)    

Porridge with cinnamon, banana and apfelmus with sanddorn 
I always eat porridge when its cold. I use to eat it at work for breakfast or lunch depending on my mood or even dinner if I am feeling very lazy. It fills you up and on cold days it is just as good as soup but much quicker to make and incredibly cheep (most supermarkets in Germany sell it for 30-50 cents for 500g) . My favorite is to have it with fresh fruit like bananas, apples and pears or with fresh berries (especially blueberries) and greek or plain yogurt. Lately I have been having it with apfelmus which is a stewed apple pure or sultanas.  On Friday I found apfelmus with sanddorn in bundikowski (bundikowski is a cross between a priceline/boots with a health food store) and decided to try it out. Sanddorn (known as Sea-buckthorn in english) is a tart berry that is very high in vitamin C and I think makes apfelmus taste better than normal which can be super sugary sweet sometimes.

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