Tuesday, October 9, 2012

leftover dinner

 Veggie burger (pattie made with yesterdays leftover couscous with fruit and nut and veggie stew with capsicum, onion, tomato, parsnip and mushrooms) spicy tomato sauce, remoulade with pickled gherkins and radishes, gouda cheese in a rye toasted bun with a side salad

Downsides I have found to switching my diet
- eating the same veggies for days or having leftovers and leftover leftovers
Cooking for yourself is not fun when you always end up with lots of leftovers so the next day you have to eat it for dinner (and the next if there is too much the second time) and shopping is not fun because to have a good variety of veggies to use you need to buy enough that you eat the same veggies for 2 weeks straight.  
- wind
Yes I know, it is not a nice thing to talk about, but when you start to eat more pulses and roughage veggies every day your tummy takes a while to get use to it and wind is the result, who knew. Luckily it only takes a few weeks for your tummy to get use to the change.
- if I do eat meat I feel heavy and can only eat a little of it
I have found not only can I eat a few peaces of it I also start to feel like I swallowed rocks and want to just lie down and digest it. My boyfriend says my stomach has shrunk from too many veggies. I also found the smell of cooked meat makes me feel queezy too.

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