Thursday, May 24, 2012


Not only do I love the movie Practical Magic but I also love Nicole Kidman's amazing ginger hair. I have dyed my hair back to a ginger (more of a cherry than a ginger) because the bleaching was wrecking my hair but I may need to pre-lighten my hair and then dye over it. The only problem is that that shade of copper/ginger washes out super fast that it needs to be dyed every 2 weeks to keep the colour at its best.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

to mum

A little late (in Perth anyway) Happy Mothers Day Mum. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Currently April - only a little late

(1st outfit post in new flat, need to find a new place that gets light to do posts)
cardigan , ballet flats and jeggings - h&m, tshirt - pohoda festival promo item from there shop, headband - diy from old tshirt
(close up of print)

Loving: Being able to have weekends away that don't cost a small fortune. My weekend in Prague only cost 200Euros for travel, accommodation and spending money. If I was still in Perth it would easily cost over $500 just for travel if going over east or the same if going to Margaret river.

Thinking about: My birthday next weekend. It will be strange not having my family around for it but I am going to have a friend visiting from Perth that weekend so we will be partners in crime. We will be going out and having a grate time.

Anticipating: Going on a nice long holiday in July. I have already got my plane ticket for Vienna and have received my festival tickets for Pohoda Festival in Slovakia. I am thinking of maybe heading to Budapest as well but may be tempted to go to Herrang dance camp for a week (it is in Sweden so it will cost a lot).

Listening to/Watching: More The Minutes podcasts and there advice podcast You're Welcome, it totally cracks me up all the time. I am so obsessed with the TV show Hart of Dixie and so sad to know that next week is the last episode but exited to know what happens. I am also loving watching the German dubbed Disney's Phineas and Ferb because it is so silly cartoon but really easy to follow in German.

Eating: Healthy. All this heavy German food (bratwurst) and sugary pastries (you can't walk for more than 5min before getting to a bakery) have started to make me feel very ill. I also managed to pick up a tummy bug in Prague that is still not making me feel well so I am trying to flush it out of my system. Also the weather has been fluctuating between warm and raining that I am not wanting such stodgy food to keep warm.

Missing: Sausage rolls from the bakery (beef costs a fortune that everything is made of pork, even lamb is very hard to find), seeing the sun for more than 10min a day, my family and not having to go to 3 supermarkets to get all my grocery shopping in one outing.

Wishing: That my money will stretch a little further than I think it will.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


(waiting on a platform in the Czech countryside for the train to be fixed and in the old town square in the rain)
 Saturday; singlet top - amy, top - dotti, cardigan - country road, jeans - dotti, trainers - amy, socks - lidl, bag - target, pashmina scarf - myers   

On Saturday my boyfriend and I went on a little weekend trip to Prague. Prague is only 6hrs away from Hamburg but after being delayed in the Czech countryside we didn't get into the city till 5pm. It was my 1st time in Prague but it was my boyfriends 4th time so he made an itinerary of what we should see but even so we still found lots of new things that he hadn't seen before. It was a very strange city of very pretty touristy bits but the rest is full of homeless, druggies and dangerous areas but it has such an energy that it is very hard not to love it. We ended up going out on Sunday night with people we met at the hostel bar that turned into a marathon night of no sleep so it made Monday a very hard day of sightseeing so by the time I got on the train at 3pm I had had not slept in over 30hrs so I instantly stretched out and went to sleep.

(on memorial hill with the TV tower in the background with babies crawling up the side of it)
 Sunday; single - amy, shirt and leggings - h&m, cardigan - country road, bag - target, trainers - amy, watch - big w
 (on the steps of Prague castle steps with a human statue that would not let us pass until we took pictures with him after giving him 50CZK)
(at the train station on the way home with my backpack)
 Monday; tshirt and jacket - h&m, cardigan - country road, jeans - dotti, pashmina scarf - myers, sunglasses  - amy, backpack - tk maxx

My favorite place in Prague, an amazing park in the moat of the Prague castle. The entrance is so hidden that there are hardly any people in it and is so quiet that you forget you are even in the city. It was raining making all the leaves very green. There are also deer in the park that are protected by armed guards ( I am not kidding about it).

 Saturday - getting on the train at 8:30am for the 6hr journey, eating lunch for the 1st time in a dining car, the train delayed in the Czech countryside due to a huge thunder storm, getting to Prague an hour late, seeing the old town square and the astrological clock on the church, played scrabble and pictionary in the hostel bar 

 Sunday - walked all the way up the hill to the war memorial, went inside the war memorial museum, walked from the new town to the old town, went to the Czech senate gardens and saw all the peacocks and owls, went to Prague castle, walked through the moat gardens in the rain, played charades in the hostel bar, went to crossclub, stayed up taking in the hostel bar till the breakfast was set up at 7am     

Monday - did not go to bed, went to see the Frank Gehry house, walked a long the river bank, caught the train home at 2:30pm, went to sleep on the train, got back to Hamburg at 10pm    

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hamburg Girls

(image from Hamburg Facebook page)

A few weeks ago a survey came out saying that the women of Hamburg are the most beautiful in Germany and I agree with that. They are so naturally beautiful I often find myself staring at them in the street. I find that there clothes are in style but so flattering to them, they do not seam to dye there hair at all (or is very natural highlighted, the hair dye section in the shops are tiny), they have amazing skin and healthy hair and there makeup is so minimal you often end up staring to try and see if they have foundation or if that is there skin.
I have never been a girl for lots of makeup and I don't use thick foundation on my skin only tinted moisturizer once in a blue moon because my skin is so sensitive to pigments (even with tinted moisturizer at the end of a night out I can already see white heads appearing) so I feel very at home hear makeup wise instead of Australia where even in hot summer women will go out pasted in makeup. If I could look half as good as some of the women hear I would be so happy.
A few YouTube tutorials that I have been watching to get the look 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May day

DIY shorts, grey tights and ballet flats - h&m, singlet - amy, bag - target, bandanna - old canteen one (disclaimer: it was not very hot but this photo was taken after a 45min bike ride so I took off my shirt and cardigan to cool down, it only took about 5min for me to put everything back on again)

This morning my boyfriend and I cycled to the Alster to take advantage of the very good weather and that it is May day so it is a public holiday. I have lived in Hamburg for over 2 months now and today was the first time I had seen it. We hired some StadtRAD bicycles (they are all over the city and cost about 6Euros for per hour, tip to tourists) ,rode out to the Alster and then walked to the city and back before riding home. I have not been on a bike since last winter in Perth and found out 2 things, don't wear slip on shoes with tights because they will fall off while you ride and that the bicycles are not made for 5"2 women so you will end up very saw at the end of 3hrs of riding on uneven surfaces, but I am definitely going to do it again.

A bridge on the way to the Alster. painted fish grafiti.

looking towards the city

shirt - h&m, sunglasses - amy
the inner Alster