Saturday, February 6, 2010

06/02/10 - Lunch in Perth

Top- Billabong
Cardigan- Alannah Hill
Skirt- made by my friend Cindy from a vintage pattern
Seamed Tights- unknown
Shoes (unseen)- Big W
Bag- Vintage from etsy
Hat- Vintage

Today has been nice and cool and was a perfect opportunity to wear my warmer clothing and my new cardigan that I bought a few weeks ago in the sales. My boyfriend and I went to Perth for lunch in Kings St at a relay nice wine bar (that I always forget the name too) because he won some money in the lottery and decided to have a treat. The lunch was so nice and now I am so full that I won't need any dinner.

(posing on my boyfriends Vespa in my driveway)


  1. Very cute outfit. I adore your hat.
    -Andi x

  2. I adore the swrill in the back of the hat!

  3. It was my first vintage hat I ever bought and added the black roses onto it