Friday, September 28, 2012

a huge cooking afternoon plus outfit post

outfit - t shirt & long sleeve top - h&m, jeans - dotti, belt - valley girl, shoes - ?

Today was an epic cooking day. It started off yesterday when I decided to make soup and decided that I could half the cooked down pulp to make pumpkin scones. I saw that the pears in the fruit bowl where going soft so I decided to make a pear and ginger cake out of it. I spend most of my days home by myself and have found amazing pleasure in cooking tricky dishes.

Pear and ginger cake adapted from this recipe  
poached pears in a honey sugar syrup, batter with chopped stem ginger in 
 evolved into a pear upside down cake

 Pumpkin scones - another popular Australian recipe
 leftover pumpkin pulp (minus the stock), only cookie cutter in the house
I am not the best at getting them to rise big and fluffy (unless i cheat and use the CWA packet mix you can get from the supermarket in Australia) so they became more of a biscuit/fat cracker and i used a butternut pumpkin (that are quite sweet) so I didn't add any sugar in making them useful for savory and sweet 
When my boyfriend got home i decided to make a Pasta-less Zucchini Lasagna (from, my food porn website) for dinner on a whim. It ended up with capsicum and mushrooms in the tomato sauce layers and the cheese topping was ricotta and goats cheese studded with peaces of marinated feta.

 just used a veggie peeler to get the thin strips of zucchini 
my boyfriend normally is not impressed with my vegetarian dinners but had seconds of this and scraped the bottom of the casserole dish. it will be going on a rotation now that i know how much he likes it.

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