Friday, September 21, 2012

Currently September

 Left- a day out at Wasserkunst Elbinsel Kaltehofe in Hamburg that is an island in the middle of the Elba that use to be a water treatment farm that has been turned into a wetlands

Above- the cable car over the river in Cologne going from the zoo to the botanical gardens  

Loving: Making the best of the last good sunny weather before it starts to get cold again. I have spent large amounts of time at the "Beach Bars" (in the loosest sense of a beach) basking in the warm evenings drinking Mojitos while hanging out with friends has been a fun highlight to my quite repetitive days. Hamburg is a city that in fine weather is one of the most beautiful cites in Germany so going to the parks have been a favorite outing for me and my boyfriend on the weekends.    

Anticipating: Christmas time. I have never had a cold Christmas and everyone has told me that the best thing about December is the Christmas markets. Hot mulled wine, traditional baked goods and lots of traditional wooden ornaments. I am also hoping for some snow seeing that I have never seen any but Hamburg unfortunately is not known for snowing during winter but I can always hope. I will miss not having my family around for Christmas and even though an Australian Christmas is hot it has not yet hit the hottest part of summer so being outside is the norm and everyone is always in the party mood.  

Listening to/ Reading/ Watching: I finally got round to watching season 3 of Offspring. I did watch the whole of the first season and most of the second season but being in Germany when the third came out an Australian friend of mine told me about a live streaming website to find it on I got straight into it and I love the drama and humor balance that it manages to have. During my time in Herrang (a place that you no explanation can ever capture what ti is relay like, next time I will have to go for 2 or 3 weeks) I read the book Call The Midwife in my non dancing time and became obsessed with it. While reading it I was told by an English friend of mine that it had been made into a tv series and when I got back home instantly started watching the it. I can recommend that even though it is a very good tv series to read the book, it has so much more impact on you on how these women lived and how hard it was to bring a child into the world and most of all the dickensian squalor that was still prevalent into the 50's. I have also been getting into many British tv murder series with my favorite being Hetty Wainthropp Investigates (a grandma private detective), Rosemary and Thyme (crime solving gardeners) and The Bletchley Circle (4 ex Bletchley park code crackers trying to find a murderer). 

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