Friday, September 21, 2012

outfit post and cooking

(sorry about the picture quality it has gone dark again and there are only lamps no over head lighting in the bedroom,grrr)
outfit - hoodie - billabong, top - witchery, jeggings - h&m kids section

The summer weather in Hamburg has officially left us and the days are starting to get cold, grey and dark again. I have started to layer up when going out instead of just throwing on a cardigan over a singlet or t shirt and having to remember to put socks on to keep my feet warm. Yesterday I went into TK Maxx to scope out there men's winter clothing for my boyfriend (he hates shopping but needs a new work jumper) I also went to look in the kids section which is on the same floor and found myself a new hoodie. It is a girls Billabong hoodie with fake sheepskin lining and a detachable fur trim on the hood. It is so warm and being a kids jumper it is not too long like I find with adults sizes (being 5'2 and a size 6 means kids clothes fit better, even better than petite specific clothing) and the best bit is it only cost 13 with the original retail price being close to 90.      
(trying out a new up-do since my hair is getting longer, now the back is already down to my shoulders again)

Some of my recent home cooked dinners:
Shallot, tomato and broccoli spicy egg scramble with rice noodles and topped with grated hard goats cheese and balsamic vinegar 
 not the best looking thing in the pan but very tasty 
 I use this method for making perfectly cooked rice noodles but I then after draining them pour over boiling water till they are warm and they come out the texture of just over al dente pasta

Corn tortillas filled with cucumber, tomato, avocado, salad leaves, grated carrot, cheese and hot Heinz baked beans
This may sound a little disgusting but I am not a big fan of kidney beans and on a cold night when I am not in the mood to take a long time making dinner it's hot and fills you up, plus I relay like the sauce in Heinz baked beans (I have never found a cheap version that tastes as good).

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