Saturday, September 22, 2012

Australian Favorites

I do not normally have any big cravings for Australian food (apart from Vegemite on toast) but since my boyfriend and I moved to Germany he has had 2 cravings, Australian style fish and chips and beef sausage rolls. I was going to save making it till his birthday in November but on Friday I had a craving for spinach and ricotta rolls so I bought all the ingredients and this afternoon set aside some time to make some from scratch. I used this recipe for the spinach and ricotta rolls and this for the beef sausage rolls but tweaked it to our taste. I managed to make 2 of each and had one for dinner tonight and another for the freezer to have another time.   

For the spinach and ricotta rolls:
 chopped 2 large shallots with two cloves of finely crushed garlic and fried till soft 
 finely grate carrots, coarsely chop a hand full of mixed un-salted un-roasted nuts (mine where walnuts, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts) 
 pre chopped frozen herbs (8 different kinds), thaw packet of cooked frozen spinach, rinse in cold water and squeeze out the extra liquid
 smooth ricotta and hard goats cheese, finely grate goats cheese
 left bowl - herbs, carrot and cooked onion mix waiting for mince
right bowl- spinach, nuts, carrot, herbs, cooked onion mix waiting for cheese  
2 large fat spinach and cheese rolls ready for the fridge to firm up for a few hours before cooking

For the sausage rolls:

 mince (80% beef and 20% pork), sausage mix with herbs, carrot, cooked onion mix, mince and lea and perrins worcestershire sauce worked into a fine paste 
 2 long sausage rolls ready for the fridge to firm up for a few hours before cooking

Sausage rolls with salad and spinach and ricotta roll with salad

after cooking

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