Saturday, September 29, 2012

Current Skincare

I love skin products because I don't wear foundation base but I have always had very sensitive skin making buying skincare difficult because my skin does get red and itchy if I use something too harsh on it (I have had products that have felt like my skin was burning within a minute of putting it on my skin). I rarely wear foundation (even tinted moisturiser)  because it drys my skin out making it flaky even with extra base of moisturiser under it plus the day after I can already see the little white heads appearing (I have even stopped putting concealer on any pimples I do get) I only use a little concealer to get rid of any dark colour under my eyes if I have any. I have also started to see more freckles appearing high on my cheeks just under my eyes probably where my sunglasses don't block on the sides and on my nose.I am normally good at slip,slop,slap but am a little paranoid of skin cancer because of how harsh the sun is in Perth but in Hamburg my skin has become very dull from the pollution, hard water and the lack of sunlight making my vit D intake low and having to try and get it through my diet. I am not a crazy beauty fanatic but at 26 I have people thinking I am 17-18 I know it's working.

1. Sunscreen - Important!!! spf 30 UVA (I can't find a UVA/UVB in the shops), during summer I use sunscreen instead of moisturizer during the day on my face and if i have skin showing it is covered in sunscreen (I did forget to reapply on my last holiday and got the worst sun burn for years).

2. Daily moisturiser - Clean & Clear essentials moisturiser spf 15 UVA/UVB (oil free), I use to use this exact moisturizer when I was in high school and have gone back to it after years of trying to find another one even though it is formulated for teenages. It is grate for summer (when working  inside) when aircon can dry my skin and it doesn't clog my pores. my 100mL bottle I brought with me in March and I still have a 6th left, a little goes a long way.

3. Night moisturiser - Olaz essentials moisturiser day cream for sensitive skin, I do like Olaz products (my mum has used them for years) because there sensitive range doesn't aggravate my skin. I use this if I am going out at night instead of the Clean & Clear because it doesn't have any spf in it plus I used it as my summer night cream.

4. Eye cream - Belea eye cream with spf and Simple revitalising eye roll on gel, I use my roll on at night after taking off my eye makeup and use my eye cream during the day under my eye makeup
5. Serum - Alverde alpine rose serum and Balea hyaluronic acid serum, I have been using the rose serum instead of a thick night cream. I tried to use the hyaluronic acid serum like the tube recommended but being basically a chemical exfoliant it broke my skin out badly so I have started to put it over my moisturiser only where I have started to get freckles.

6. Face wash - Wellness & Beauty orange and pomegranate exfoliating wash, It is a body wash exfoliator not a face wash but it doesn't have many exfoliating crystals in it (being a travel size and very cheap) but I found when I was on holiday and ran out of face wipes that if I lathered it in my hand and then massaged it on my skin (while in the shower) it was not too abrasive but did remove all the grime and left my face feeling so nice and clean plus it did stop my breakouts that I normally get from wearing lots of sunscreen (I got it originally to use after the pools to get rid of the chlorine by lathering it straight on my body instead of my hands).

7. Face wipes - Olaz complete face wipes, gets rid of all my makeup and the wipes do not feel like sandpaper unlike others I have used. They also don't seam to dry out so you get good use out of the whole pack and it isn't soaked in so much liquid you have to ring them out before using them.

8. Lip balm - Natio lip balm spf 30 and Aliqua anti aging lip balm, My lips are constantly dry and cracked so I use huge amounts of lip balm and I love my Natio lip balm so much (I brought 8 sticks with me and have 3 on the go all the time) because it isn't too greasy an, has no taste or smell but lasts ages on. I got the Aliqua for night time and it has a eucalyptus smell that helps my sinuses at night but it does in the morning leave my mouth tasting a bit like I ate wood.

9. Hand/Foot cream - Dr Scheller calendula hand balm, it is very waxy so it stays on your hands for ages making them feel so soft. I don't wear rubber gloves when I am doing the pots so I put it on after to stop them drying out from the washing up liquid but I also found that it is amazing on my feet where my heels are cracked and any blisters. At under 2 I am going to stock up.

10. Baby cream - Babydream baby cream, All it is is a nappy rash cream and when my skin is crazy dry (normally around my nose) it calms it down and I also use it as an intensive skin night treatment or as a cream  face wash if it gets very dirty.

If anyone has any good products they can suggest please leave a comment.


  1. Have you ever tried a BB cream in lieu of a base? It contains moisturizer as well as SPF and usually even serums. They are lighter than a foundation and more moisturizing. I really like them.

    Oh, and is Olaz the German name for Olay??? If so, I use a lot of their products too. They are really good.

    1. Yes, Olaz is Olay, same company just different name.

      I have seen a lot of BB creams but haven't found a colour that matches me enough. I use Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect in the lightest shade when I do full vintage makeup or performance makeup and mix it with moisturiser to make a tint.